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Energy Drinks Tours & Moving Stonehenge

Exciting times are afoot here at Motorvation, with new drivers, new tours and international shipments.

This year we've been expanding and are pleased to announce that we've taken on two new drivers - the experienced Clive Halford (a blast from the past) and the energetic James Robinson. 

Motorvation have recently started a 4 month European tour with 2 specially commissioned trucks & trailers, using 4 drivers on behalf of Burn Energy in partnership with the Lotus F1 cars. Look out for photos appearing in the gallery section showing their travels accross the continent.


After a successful 2012 UK Tour the Sacrilege (lifesize bouncy castle Stonehenge - as mad as it sounds) has just been shipped out to Hong Kong, where it received massive amounts of attention and publicity. Motorvation are pleased to be working with Sutherland Smith Group over the coming 18 months, moving the tour on its travels around the world.